Double Chocolate Oatmeal Vegan Cookies

Two of my favorite local cafes in my new city have a variation of this cookie for sale (though theirs is also gluten free) and I can’t help myself from ordering it almost… Continue reading

Vegan “Butter” “Chicken”

What a ridiculous title to lead with on the first post back after a looong hiatus. Since the last post your Ripe Avocados team are no longer roommates (except in our hearts) and… Continue reading

Sundried Tomato/Chard/Cannellini Pasta

This is completely out of season, because it’s been ages and ages since the blog was updated. A broken camera and general business/laziness have led to poor RA being neglected. But we’ll try… Continue reading

Roasted butternut squash & red onion with tahini

This post goes up with a major shoutout to my Uncle David–soon after having to return one of my favorite (borrowed) cookbooks of the last several months, Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty, to its rightful… Continue reading

Spicy Cookies

At our thanksgiving dinner, our friend Marty brought over dessert: an awesome apple crumble and some freshly baked cookies. You would think that amongst the pumpkin pie, cheesecake and pumpkin brownies the cookies… Continue reading


A note: the blog is on (hopefully temporary) hiatus as our house camera is broken! So we’ll try and update from our archives of photos, which explains the non-seasonal foods. Bear with us!… Continue reading

kale and mushroom lasagna with butternut bechamel sauce

We made this as one of the main dishes for our awesome thanksgiving dinner. The sauce on this lasagna is my favorite part… It’s creamy and toasty but the lemon zest really gives it… Continue reading


Ah, autumn. The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and the nights are getting cold. The last harvest has come to the great north and all the fall colours are on display.… Continue reading

Dry-Fried Marinated Tofu

Ever since I discovered this tofu technique, it’s basically the only way I ever prepare the stuff now. When tofu is just left as is (what the heck, salad bars), I’m only okaaaay… Continue reading

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillos come into season around this time of year in Montreal and our campus organic market is brimming with them! We’ve probably made a batch every week this month and are not even close to… Continue reading