Beautiful (on the inside) Black Bean Burgers

This is a recipe left over from summer, and even though Montreal is still hanging onto its 28º days and muggy thunder, you can still sense that fall is coming. Maybe it’s the sudden flood of students on campus, or the occasional bush or tree whose leaves are tinged with orange, or the chill deepening in the nights. But my mind is still on summer, which was full of amazing travel, good times with good friends, and proper summer foods eaten out on the balcony, just the way it should be.



the other half of your ripe avocados team biking throughout Hoi Anh



This isn’t so much of a recipe, more of a general template for bean burger-ing. I made this with a dear friend who is off on even more travelling, but while she was in Montreal some lovely times and tasty meals were had. We had ours in proper burger format, with this coconut-sesame kale on the side. Very generally, the ingredients are something like:

  • 1 large can black beans
  • 1 onion
  • a few cloves of garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • other flavoring agents: spices, chili pepper, herbs, etc. We used
  • oats to help get the texture right (I use quick-cooking)

Combine everything but the oats in a food processor. When everything is pureed, check the texture for dryness/thickness–you want it to be shapeable and fryable. For the flavoring, we had it spicy! Something like a bit of cumin, a bit of chili powder, a pinch of cayenne, and some smoked paprika. It was really nice with–you guessed it–some ripe avocado on the burger.


Enjoy with the last of summer!