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Roasted butternut squash & red onion with tahini

This post goes up with a major shoutout to my Uncle David–soon after having to return one of my favorite (borrowed) cookbooks of the last several months, Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty, to its rightful… Continue reading


A note: the blog is on (hopefully temporary) hiatus as our house camera is broken! So we’ll try and update from our archives of photos, which explains the non-seasonal foods. Bear with us!… Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Mustard Glaze

Brussels sprouts? Brussels sprouts! I don’t think I hated them as a kid, but I also can never recall my dad (the family chef) making them. So I guess I was indifferent at… Continue reading

Spinach and Chickpeas

Wait! Don’t be fooled by the simple title… KEEP READING! This is spinach and chickpeas like you’ve never had before. The finished dish is full of smokey flavors, a perfect contrast of textures… Continue reading

Sweet Potato Love, part I: Curry Sweet Potato Fries

In case you couldn’t guess from the title, do you know what the best vegetable of all time is (other than avocados*, of course)? You got it! I’ve been on a huge sweet… Continue reading

Simple and tasty–hummus!

Hummus is one of those things that just can’t go wrong. Hummus is like dark wash jeans that you can dress up and down. You can tailor hummus to your preferences almost infinitely–make… Continue reading

Ultimate breakfast: Hash brown with fried egg & avocado, fruit salad and spice cake.

So this was a post-exam celebratory breakfast and I went all out… The celebration actually started the night before when Jo and I made a [[spice cake]] that was put to good use… Continue reading

Avocado and mango spring rolls = best party dish ever!

If you want to impress at your next get together, all you have to do is make these bad boys.  I ended up making them twice because the first time my mango wasn’t… Continue reading

keepin’ it easy: lunch ciabatta sandwich

Lunch doesn’t have to suck… this recipe is as simple as this: 1) Cut up some red pepper and cheese and place on an oven bound ciabatta, broil until the cheese is melted.… Continue reading