Beautiful (on the inside) Black Bean Burgers

This is a recipe left over from summer, and even though Montreal is still hanging onto its 28º days and muggy thunder, you can still sense that fall is coming. Maybe it’s the… Continue reading

Sloppy Joha, breakfast sandwich of the universe

This isn’t too much of a recipe, more like inspiration for when you wake up on Sunday morning feeling not your best from too much [Settlers of Catan] the night before. This is… Continue reading

Glorious Rice Bowl

**Sorry for the silence on this blog for so long–your Ripe Avocados team has been traveling the world! Check here for sporadic updates on D’s travels, and now that I’m back in good… Continue reading


  Spring this year has been crazy–in between the inspiring student protests and the rapidly shifting weather, the whole city feels like it’s in a constant state of flux, unable to settle down into the… Continue reading


This is the follow-up to our beer-brewing post in which we made a white beer (with coriander and orange). After we made the beer and transfered it into our five-gallon pail, we let it ferment… Continue reading

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Maple-Mustard Glaze

Brussels sprouts? Brussels sprouts! I don’t think I hated them as a kid, but I also can never recall my dad (the family chef) making them. So I guess I was indifferent at… Continue reading

Epic Cakes We Have Made

This isn’t really a recipe post, though I’ll post generally what I used or link to recipes I remember using. But mostly I wanted to share the epic cakes of the Ripe Avocados… Continue reading

Kale and sweet potato enchiladas with roasted chili sauce

Nevermind the enchiladas, the real treat here are the sauces. The enchiladas are served a roasted chili sauce and if you’re feeling ambitious, mole sauce. This gives you a contrast between the spicy, tomatoey… Continue reading

Lovely Lemon Lavender Bars

These bars are so beautiful and elegant and girly that as much as I couldn’t wait to eat them, it’s hard to stop admiring them. They’d be perfect with tea in the afternoon… Continue reading

Spinach and Mushroom Galette

Galette? What’s a galette? It sounds fancy in its French-ness (though living in Quebec has pretty much removed the stereotypical romantic allure of French for me–it’s lost somewhere in a vat of poutine… Continue reading